is a company that specializes in fly control. The company was formed as a Proprietorship with 2 partners, owned and run by Chaim and Tzion Davidian.

This Innovative system has been successfully used for years. It comes from a combination of international studies and researches for the development of solutions for the disinfestations of filth flies, together with more than three decades experience in managing farms and stables.
Our aim is to be as Eco-Friendly as possible, and at the same time minimizing the Fly population, without intrusive disturbances to the environment, which would affect the health of both Humans or Animals alike.


The  system is based on an efficient bait which attracts flies, made up of fermented yeasts and additives approved for use in the food industry. The bait is made of a boutique mix, made from raw materials that are laboratory tested, and approved at the highest level of compliance in food industry. There are no animal source proteins, and does not contain insecticides of any type, therefore can be declared safe for humans, animals and the environment.

A special production technique has made it possible to make the bait in powder form, requiring 24-48 hours to mature, and then it is ready-to-use and effective in our special designer traps. The powder bait can be purchased in 3 sizes, 15kg, 250g and 50g air tight containers, and when stored appropriately conditions, under roof, can have a shelf life of over 2 years.

By using  bait as a natural biocide, you will not add any negative impact on the environment, and solve a health problem in the most natural way.


The bait is poured into a plastic container with lid supplied with particular ‘one way’ openings, which are applied to special patented netted cones that do not allow the flies to get out once inside, having being attracted by the bait. Add water at a rate of 1 liter to 50g of bait for the best results.

The trap works best with our Original  Bait.

Fly Problems

Musca domestica is the most common fly all over the world. It is also one of many filth flies that carry more than 100 pathogens, and may cause diseases in human and animals. Houseflies transmitted helminthic eggs, protozoa cysts and trophozoites, bacteria fungi, and virus by mechanical transmission through its vomits or excreta. Musca domestica lives closely with humans and domestic animals, and often found in areas of human activities such as restaurants, hospitals, food centers, food markets, fish markets, and slaughterhouses.

The fly is a mechanical vector of transmission of pathogens including parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The combination of different methods for control and prevention or eradication of houseflies should be implemented to stop human or animal diseases. In high-risk areas health education, proper environmental sanitation, and personal hygiene are strongly advocated.

uses a unique, non-invasive, green, natural bait to attract the fly into our unique range of traps, and flies are captured rather than killed with toxins, or other animal protein-based attractants.
Female flies then lay their eggs in the trap, and in that way the cycle ends.

Financial cost caused by filth flies. When we talk about livestock, losses are felt in many ways.

Dairy cattle, would drop in production efficiency, both in FE as well as drop-in daily milk production rate during the fly season.

Mortality rates in newly born stock, with minimized immunity levels increase, and general short term and long-term profitability is compromised. These include horn and face flies, deer and horse flies, stable flies, heel flies, and house flies

Beef cattle will mostly feel it in Feed Efficiency levels, and the stable fly, “ Diptera: Muscidae” is mostly responsible. It equally effects daily growth rates. Mortality rates in calves also suffer.

Horses are aggravated and constantly disturbed by the face fly and house fly, as well as the stable fly and horse fly that bite and suck blood, effecting breeding habits, and general demeanor of the animals. The flies either feed of tear ducts, around the nose or on wounds, while the stable fly bites and sucks blood.

Chickens, Aside from the obvious annoyance that flies cause, these pesky bugs can actually be dangerous for your chickens.
Chickens will eat pretty much anything they can get down their throat, and of course that includes flies and fly larvae. Eating houseflies, however, can cause your chickens to get tapeworms known as Choanotaenia infundibulum. This type of tapeworm can effectively starve your chickens of the nutrients they need in true parasitic fashion. Eating the larvae of the green bottlefly can cause botulism in chickens, so in general it’s better to err on the side of caution and keep the flies away.

Pigs The Stable fly-Stomoxys Calcitrans, is probably the biggest danger for pigs, as it transmits PCV2 and Mycoplasma, and it is not always considered as a filth fly, but females require moist decaying matter to breed, and this is our target stage.

One common denominator, is
they all breed in rotting organic material, including moist animal manure. That is our target phase we mark for our natural Biocidal solution.

Our bait, made of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a strain that is found naturally in nature, matures and ferments when water is added, and releases a pungent smell equivalent to manure, it is also rich enough in protein, which our bait harvests from the dead flies in the trap, and this boosts females to lay their eggs in the trap, and as such we break the fly population cycle.

The trap not only catches flies, when eggs are laid in the trap, they essentially finish the cycle and die.

Other applications

We have other good safe use for our bait and trap, that stretches with the imagination.
As mentioned, our bait is toxin free, and does not carry any foreign pathogen rich, animal source protein. Animal source protein like fish or chicken meal, egg shell meal or any other animal protein source can carry foreign pathogens from the protein source, which is never harvested from the region activating the trap and bait. When rehydrated, the protein source is known to release dormant pathogens into a new environment. This has terrible influence on environmental levels of infection. Humans or animals need to build a set of new antibodies every time these new pathogens are introduced to their environment.

Our Bait does not carry any animal source protein, and can not have a negative pathogen influence on the human and animal environment.
Our trap is safely used in garden, industrial, hospital or recycling applications, and facilitate the need for fly control, without having to introduce any toxin or foreign pathogen into a new environment.