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Eco Friendly Non Toxic and 100% compostable flytrap
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Providing a responsible, environmentally friendly product, which is safe for both Human and Animal environments. Our product was developed in response to the increasing fly problem in all sectors.

With experienced and success, combined with high quality solutions, the company will continue developing the quality products sought after by our customers.

Our Motto

We provide pesticide free solutions for a healthier environment. We support the objectives of minimizing the contamination from flies. They affect our health and fields of production.

Their affect ranges from aggravation and annoyance, to the spreading of diseases. These range from increased fever or can even spread disease that can lead to death.

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To provide Professional and Technical solutions to all sectors with fly problems. We target Agricultural, Industrial and Home solutions.

For an environmentally safe
fly solution, use:


Baits Normal baits contain an ingredient to attract flies and a second active ingredient (Poison) which kills flies once the bait is consumed. Our baits success is based on the fact that our attraction ingredients are supported by our patented cone, which is designed as a one way entry device. Once inside the trap, the fly cannot escape.


Environmental issues and laws are our major concern and we consider ourselves leaders and pioneers in Environmentally Friendly Fly Control.


Natural Ingredients - Lastly, our product is safe to dispose of, as all the ingredients are made from natural products. As such they are all biodegradable!

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Some of our clients reviews

This product is amazing! We always have a bunch of flies in our attached garage that then sneak into our house constantly all during the warm weather.
We hung this up in a tree near the garage door next to the driveway and by day 3 it had already captured and trapped a huge amount of flies. Now the flies buzz the bucket instead of our doorway.
-Branda S.

First, of course it doesn’t smell good or it wouldn’t attract flies, however it’s not fishy smelling like the other traps i’ve purchased. these are really a no brainer. They work. I have 22 chickens and flies are an enormous problem especially when they start migrating to the house. I can’t recommend this enough. While it’s not for indoor use, if you combat the problem outside, it helps everywhere.
-Kim A.

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